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10 mistakes a man makes when choosing a work style

10 mistakes a man makes when choosing a 

work style

having a nice style at work is now as important as having the knowledge needed to work, and that is applicable to both men and women. Many employees make a lot of mistakes when choosing what to wear at work. Therefore, men should avoid these style mistakes to become better at work. And here are the most 10 common mistakes that you should avoid straight away:

10 mistakes a man makes when choosing a work style

1-    Large jackets: many people think that a large thick jacket could make you look fantastic and like a charismatic mysterious detective, but in fact, that is not true at all. You should wear a jacket that has a size appropriate for your shoulders; so that you ensure there is no extra space inside the jacket.

2-    Too long pants: have you ever worn a pair of pants that reached the heel of the shoe, you may have experienced some embarrassing eyes towards you. You should change this right now, never wear too long pants nor a short one too, pick a pair of pants that reach the top of the shoe and no more!

3-    Formal suit with a backpack: come on! Those backpacks are designed for those young people. What could be better than a leather black handbag that fits your suit, not only will it give you the perfect style that you deserve, but also double your charisma.

4-     Ignoring stains: having a stain (even if small) could ruin everything! your clothes should be clean, ironed, and have a nice smell. Having a stain will make you focus on it and then have a low self-confidence.
5-    Too long or too short tie: tie’s length should be appropriate so that it is not too short, it should not be long down the belt as well, and the perfect length is considered near the leather belt.

6-    The color of the belt and shoes don’t match: looking handsome and elegant requires a color match between clothes and accessories. Matching colors between belt and shoes’ colors is one of the most important things that men never think of.

7-    White socks with leather shoes: white socks are usually designed for sports shoes and young people, and it is wrong to wear them with a formal kit and leather shoes.

8-    Dirty shoes: before leaving your house (especially when you are heading to work) the shoe must be cleaned and polished properly, and it must be cleaned with a sponge or a piece of cloth when It gets dirty.

9-    Shirt wrinkles: Shirts should be well ironed before wearing them, and you should also choose shirts with good quality fabrics that do not show wrinkles easily.

10-   Closing the last shirt’s button: Although most jackets have three buttons, it is wrong to close all buttons, instead, keep the last button opened.

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