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Best shirt for blue jeans or white jeans

Best shirt for blue jeans or white jeans

Best shirt for blue jeans or white jeans
Best shirt for blue jeans or white jeans

The shirt is considered the basic clothing that is found in every man's wardrobe and can't be dispensed with.

Best blue shirt are also found in most of the wardrobes of any man in the world. In other words, these clothes are of interest to modern men, but some men do not know the coordination between the colors of these clothes, which makes their appearance very bad, despite the quality of their clothes. In this article we will talk about the most important tips and rules that help the interested of pick best shirt.

How to choose a suitable shirt for blue jeans or white jeans? What is the best shirt for blue jeans? Are there rules for choosing a best shirt for blue jeans?

First and foremost, wearing trendy blue jeans in summer or spring is not just wearing jeans, it is an entire lifestyle, it will make you more elegant and beautiful if you choose a suitable shirt, and the best t-shirt is to choose a white shirt or Blue vest with white shirt.
Best shirt for blue jeans or white jeans

With what wearing white jeans?

The perfect combination of white in general and white jeans in particular - these are blue things. Since wearing only white pants in a warm season and in sunny weather, it makes sense to talk only about summer clothes - shirts, shirts, and most,.

A blue blazer, which is a blue vest, must be the only blue detail in a blue and white combination, otherwise it will be too much and the overall appearance will not be as light as we would like. White is not too much, so the correct ratio will be jeans, white shirt (T-shirt) and blue jacket.

The main purpose of white men's pants is walking, rest and recreation.
Best shirt for white jeans are not designed to work, and if you wear them to work, a lot of people may envy you for your work.
Shirt for jeans white is best men’s fashion in 2018

 Best shirt for blue jeans

When we talk about shirts, the first thing that comes to mind is white shirts. White shirts are one of the most convenient in men's wardrobe, not to mention their advantages. And the advantages that they have a large amount. White is a classic, so I'm not surprised that white shirts look great with a tuxedo or suit. Another thing is to use white shirts in a slightly different style.

Creating an image in casual style will help jeans, VIP on bare feet and a white shirt, released abroad. The shirt can be short-sleeved, or coiled, giving the image a more elegant color. To the picture in the smart casual style perfectly fit the black rolled pants, oxford, shirt and white jacket with an "interesting" print.

Best shirt for jeans

Black shirt, like white, belongs to the classic color class. Black color is always refined, consistent and strict. But even such a conservative color, you can overcome it so that it plays with other colors.

It is recommended to wear a black shirt with light bottoms, for example: jeans or beige trousers. But the option of a dark bottom is not ruled out. The black shirt also wears black or gray trousers, with shading image with accessories. For example, a light scarf or jacket is placed on his shoulders.

How to choose the right shirt?

Just as women care about their appearance, the man is also keen to coordinate his clothes and adopt an elegant look both at work and in his emotional encounters. Perhaps the most important thing that affects the appearance of men is the shirt. How do you choose the right shirt? What factors should be considered when choosing your shirt? Follow these tips to get the perfect view:

First: two different types of shirt

Before selecting the right shirt, you should consider that there are two different types of shirt:

1 - Formal shirt: a neutral piece of color, often white or bright blue, made of cotton and a formal palace free of sophistication or pruning. Put it under the pants and fasten it on the waistband. Wear this type of T-shirt with your formal attire for your professional views or on your official occasions.

2 - Informal Shirt: A shirt that has a practical and fun, and you can coordinate with jeans or cotton trousers. Often comes in multiple colors and may be entered by the pruning or squares and even the sales are an ideal alternative to polo. It also has a practical story that you can put on top of your pants to ensure your fun.

Second: Guide to buying a shirt

When purchasing the right shirt, consider several factors: the story, length and size of the shirt to ensure the perfect look. So choose the shirt that suits your shoulders and your body shape. Do not choose a loose shirt or tight shirt, but choose a shirt that fits the corners of your shoulders. For the length of the sleeves, be sure to choose a shirt that exceeds the size of the wrist by two centimeters. The perfect shirt should exceed the length of the blazer or jacket with one centimeter.

Third: Choose the color of your skin

In the beginning you have to scour the mirror and choose your skin color according to the degrees available in the previous image. You do not have to be very careful, but be more close to your color.

Fourth: Choose your hair color

As with the color of your skin, choose the closest color to your hair color from the image attached at the top - you do not have to be very precise. All you need to do is choose the color closest to your hair. If your hair is mixed with two colors or colors, If you are bald, choose the closest color for your scalp.

Finally: The right size for fitness is important for wearing a comfortable shirt and is also the most important element in determining the attractive appearance of a shirt's fitness. She explained that the long and tall collars fit well with obese men and chin holders because it suggests that the neck looks thinner.


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