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Dress suits skinny girls And Different Body Shapes of Women

Dress suits skinny girls And Different Body Shapes of Women
Dress suits skinny girls And Different Body Shapes of Women

Choosing the right clothes is one of the most important skills all girls must have. This is because women always care about their beauty, elegance and knowledge of the latest fashion. To come out with a distinctive appearance and perfect elegance you should know your body's quality, what suits it and what should be avoided.

Today, in this article, we will talk about the dress that suits slimy girls and give them the most important tips and recommendations they should apply to get a modern and decent dress at the same time, as well as suggesting some modern dress that suits fashion, Especially since the global fashion this year has seen different shouts of clothing, which relied heavily on the pieces of long-sleeve sleeves, and spring colors, and among these dress the Turkish veil, and traditional Indian dress.

The style of the Turkish veil and traditional Indian dress, this type of dress is very suitable for girls with slim body. Because their body will appear better than it is, and will hide the imperfections of their body.

Also small-breasted girls, if you buy sweaters with this kind of dress, it will hide the imperfections of your body and you will have unparalleled strength.

The most beautiful in style is that it is suitable to wear classic or informal style, depending on the color coordination, shoes and accessories.

Girl body shapes:

Body shapes differ from each person. Your body's shape depends on the genetics, evolution, and environment in which you live the type of body on which the clothing is to be worn. As a lady, you should be aware of your body shape and wear clothing accordingly.

Body shape straight

This form of the body in women is a "fashion model" type of body. Your body is the envy of most women. Most clothes will suit your body type well.

Appropriate clothing:

As mentioned earlier, all types of clothing suit you, and you do not have to choose a particular type

 Rectangular Body:

Your body has both thighs with chest area and upper part.

Appropriate clothing:

 You should choose the clothes that divide your body, adjust the chest area and shoulders. A tight pant, with Blouse is not very wide, completely deviated from the tight clothes of the center area.

Oval body:

The chest is wide and the center with the lower part the same size and no curves for the middle, but the thighs are narrow.

Appropriate clothing:

The blouses should be aesthetically pleasing to the center and set by the wide pockets, and are very suitable alongside narrow tight pants and wide blouses

Body hourglass:

This is one of the most attractive forms in women. Each part of your body is proportionate. Your slim waist is an asset that you can brag about to your advantage. The attractive sandy shape is the slim body shape desired by most women, the shape of the watch body is a balance between the upper chest area and thighs and the center is small and wrapped

Clothes suitable for the hourglass body shape:

  Narrow clothes from the center area, your body is in line with the wide or narrow pants, as well as light or dark palettes because it is a balanced body with no obvious defect. And choose simple and accurate embroideries for your blouses that finish at the chest line.

The body of the hourglass and how to choose the appropriate clothes for him
The body of the hourglass is an attractive body, but you must choose suitable clothes for it. To choose suitable and beautiful clothing, first and foremost, you must balance the upper part of your attractive body, and then take care of the lower body, and with some contemporary accessories.

And now we will know all these things step by step:

 1. Balance the upper body:

2. Lower body care:

3 - Interest in contemporary accessories:

Balance the upper body:

 You should achieve consistency when choosing clothes and choose the appropriate size for the body, and prefer to avoid narrow sizes that appear areas of weight gain

 Avoid the style, which has many details because it adds an extra size of the body, whether skirts or blouses.

Choose soft fabrics such as silk because the soft ringlets fall on the natural curves of the body. Avoid hard fabrics as they make the body look like a box.

Select the dark colors of the main lines that reduce the appearance of curves in the body. You can wear dark colors, to reduce the size of the upper half

Color consistency should be achieved between the top and bottom. When wearing a light at the bottom, it is preferable to wear a top grade at the top, to maintain the color balance between the chest area and hips.

Lower body care:

Choosing a trouser down the leg can hide the thighs and make the legs consistent. Avoid wearing straight-legged trousers because they stand out from the legs

Avoid wearing pants in a low waist because they make the leg look smaller.

 Avoid wearing pants with an ornament on both sides

Attention to contemporary accessories:

You can use the necklace with beautiful colors and suitable for the color of your body.

Skinny body shape

How to select dress colors for skinny body and appropriate clothing him?

Appropriate clothing of skinny body shape:

In terms of colors, you can choose the golden colors. May suit long hair with some thin girls, but use your own sense to choose your hairstyle, may make you choose a distinctive hairstyle.

In terms of dress, you can choose trousers that are not wide, and not tight at the same time, you can choose the appropriate blouses and colors are bright, and you should avoid the clothes wide because it will make you look bad

Finally, I want to say that despite all these different types of girls' and women's bodies, the body is not alone to judge the beauty and beauty of women, but there is another element, which is fashion, any girl in the world can appear beautiful and attractive if you choose Dress that fits her body shape.

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