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How to pick best men's fashion t shirt

How to pick best men's fashion t shirt

How to pick best men's fashion t shir
How to pick best men's fashion t shirt

The shirt is one of the staples in every man's wardrobe, and the jeans shirt is one of the staples of the modern, young-style man's wardrobe. This season, jeans were one of the most fashionable pieces, and we saw them in different colors and styles.

The elegance of some men does not appear until they wear the shirts, either because of their working conditions or their body is in line with the t-shirt, but they do not realize that the choice of the shirt is subject to some basic rules that must be observed to look neat and neat.

1. Know your style and Best tshirt fashion

To make sure you look stylish, you have to choose what suits you shirts, so you can not wear a formal T-shirt with jeans, but it should be trendy and suits your style, so you have to choose shirts that are free of pockets, You'll wear it on jeans.

The planned and fitting shirt or that makes your body look slim. Be slightly textured around the chest and sides. The proper shirt is slightly loose. The sport shirts are full of chest and narrow on the center.

2 - Know the choice of colors and  colors best t shirt fashion

It is important to wear the right colors for your skin and your lifestyle, and learn how to mix colors with each other, and if you try it you will get amazing results.

For example, if you are tall, you should choose a shirt that is completely different from the color of the jeans, such as the bright colors of the shirt and the dark jeans, for example wearing a light pink shirt with brown jeans.

The black and blue jeans are the most used and preferred to determine the color of the shirt that should be worn.

The white , black, grey and navy; these unaltered shades lay the inspiration for any self-made capsule wardrobe. T-shirts in these colors area unit typically categorized as "basic.

White: the last word t shirt fashion. For underclothing, there's no more sensible choice and it is the best color (or lack of color) to mix with classic indigo jeans

Choose color: Do you buy a shirt for a job interview or shirt in fashion and trendy?

- For interview: the dark colors are the traditional colors. Light blue and gray are the most suitable and most formal white options.

- If you are looking for a dynamic and effective appearance. Choose bright and unconventional colors. The bright green and the orange are the most common colors and also the pink color.

3 - wearing different forms of  best t shirt fashion

Diversification of shirts is a great way to shine, but be aware that the shirt contains different graphics or shapes will look great with jeans, for example polo shirt, if white or blue should be worn on jeans dark color, but if the shirt is normal, it is Preferred to be blue in very light tones, to be fit with modern jeans.

4-The features of the best men's fashion t shirt

Despite the fact that the jeans shirt has kept his story and his classic over time, the world fashion role in each season offers distinctive designs in terms of colors and shapes. This season we have noticed that the light blue and the darkest are the most popular, There is the narrowness that highlights the body in a striking way, including the loose for the most modern.

Choose the appropriate design: The constant colors are predominant on the wardrobe of your clothes. Also you can choose the striped and embroidered shirt.

- You can wear gentle shirts with neck ties (embroidered or embossed)

- Embroidered shirts often do not fit with neck ties.

5-how to pick best men's fashion t shirt

Choosing a suitable shirt that suits your appearance is not difficult, but you have to be familiar with the world of fashion, and follow every new one about it and read to the international magazine that talks about best men's fashion t shirt

Make sure that a set of fixed color equations must be taken into account when selecting clothing and the equation is:

If you are a fan of dark blue, choose a cream-colored, jujube, black, and bronze color that is attractive and very beautiful with dark blue.

When wearing a classic white shirt, choose your shoes in brown or brass.

6- Mistakes in which young people fall from these mistakes:

Do not take care of shoe cleanliness, if appropriate for clothing model. One of the biggest mistakes of young people, especially the young ones, is wearing a tie on a half-sleeve shirt. The length of the trousers is to the end of the heel, so that the socks are covered when the young man is sitting. Lack of mastery of tie well. Wear loose clothing in a large and noticeable manner, and choose the appropriate clothing colors.

You should avoid these mistakes to get best men's fashion t shirt, and in case you do not avoid these mistakes without a doubt you will get best men's fashion t shirt, but the way they wear will be bad, will not attract people around you

7 - Tips for choosing Best tshirt fashion

Check the sleeves of the shirt by putting the shirt on the racks of clothes. When the latch lock appears horizontally. This is a good indicator of high quality.

Lift your arm. Make sure the tips of the shirt did not come out of your clothes.

Determining the size of the neck and sleeve length: If you shop in retail stores, sales representatives can help you know the size of the neck and sleeve length using the measuring tape.

Check the quality of your shirt.

Preview buttons. They must be in an appropriate position. With no openings may show your chest.

Make sure the shirt is comfortable at the chest or center.

Finding good fabrics: linen shirts allow breathing well and are very suitable in the summer. Oxford fabrics are made of heavy cotton threads. And therefore in the most robust species. The cotton has a soft feel that makes you feel comfortable.


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