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Not sure what to wear today?...Here we will tell you how to choose wisely

Not sure what to wear today?

Here we will tell you how to 
choose wisely

There are 2 steps to choose your clothes correctly. In this article,  I am going to show you these 2 steps and discuss them in depth.

Not sure what to wear today?...Here we will tell you how to choose wisely

1-   Choose the right colors according to your skin:
·  Warm skin: People with warm skin should choose warm-colored clothes such as red, orange, gold, yellow, purple, green, and the color of the orchid flower. They can also wear neutral colors such as gray, brown, and beige. it is necessary to avoid cold colors, such as ice blue, or sapphire color, because these colors make the skin’s color grayish.
·  Cold skinned: people with cold skin must wear colors inspired by the spectrum where bright colors, such as emerald, pink, and magenta. These colors will look wonderful on people with cold skin, but they should avoid some colors, such as orange and red.
·   Neutral Color Skin: Neutral skin owners can wear all colors, but it is best to wear the calm ones and avoid the bright colors. They can wear cool green, pink or blue, and it's okay to wear white, black and gray. It is better to avoid wearing blue electric color which is a very strong bright color.
2-   Choose The appropriate clothing according to the shape of your body: there are 3 forms of men’s body shape: the inverted triangle, the elliptical, and the rectangular, it is possible for the man to have his body shape changed because of his age. And we are going to show you now the 3 body shapes and what to wear according to them:
· Inverted triangular shape: in this type of body shapes, men have wider shoulders than hips, athletes usually are the people who have this shape, it is considered as the ideal male shape. If that is your body shape, then you are lucky! It is easy to choose what to wear and here it is: Wear clothes that show the overall shape of the body in a suitable way. Clothes that are too tight to highlight the body are not recommended, because it is exaggerated, you can also wear suits with appropriate shirts, and you should wear straight pants shape, but you should avoid wearing tight pants that make the upper body appear huge and not in form with the rest of the body.
· Rectangular shape:  The long-necked men have this shape of the body, the shoulders and hips are almost identical, clothing with several layers is ideal for them. The accessories should be removed, such as pins and scarves, so the man does not seem taller when the upper area is highlighted in his clothes.
· Oval shape: this shape appears on aging men. This shape has a wider waistline than the shoulders. They should not wear tight clothes on the waist, nor should they wear narrow jackets, and it is good to wear dark colors for this type of body shape. Choosing jackets is the best solution that provides a more harmonious body shape.

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