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The best fashion 2019

The best fashion 2019

An old belief that winter is the clothing season is dark, especially black, brown and gray, but the recent international fashion shows have changed this idea and made the winter clothes bright and their colors attractive clear and dark .

The colors of winter clothes for the year 2019 are:
Red, pink, blue, brown, silver, violet, orange, yellow, in addition to other bright colors.

The 2019 winter colors are full of bright and distinctive colors that will add elegance to your  winter look this season.  

     -  Dark and light red clothes
There has always been a close and direct relationship between the winter season and the red color, perhaps the heat that emerges from the red color when we look at it, or the cold of winter encourages us to choose a color of fire intense to feel warm.
Dark red and openness nothing underlines the elegance of winter more than dark red or, as it is often called Burgundy, the mere fact of seeing this color provides a feeling of warmth. It has been emphasized by fashion designers in an elegant and attractive fashion during the fashion week, what ELIE Saab has presented in different forms such as lace, scarves, leather and others. Bright red is the color of the 2019 winter colors, so you can wear it alone without adding it to another color.

Whatever the reasons for the red color of the winter season, it is certain that this color is undoubtedly attractive and that the woman you choose to wear is bold.

     -  silver  clothes
The color silver seems to be the color of the winter of 2019, as it dominated the view of fashion models and stars of fashion shows and artistic events, not only looks, but also fashion shoes for this winter.
The silvery clothes give women a very attractive look if they are worn with black shoes.

The best fashion 2019

      - Violet clothes
Violet avec une note régulière et un pastel clair est le leader de la liste des couleurs à la mode hiver 2019 et inclut des robes et des costumes pour femmes et jackets n'hésite pas à acheter cette couleur dans votre garde-robe pour cette saison.
The best fashion 2019

      - Brown clothes
Brown is the essence of winter clothing, but it is a warm and elegant way of life, especially the slanted chestnut of Nabataea. Adjust it with white, black or even green colors to get a great look.
What prevents you from not being convinced of a piece of that color?
The best fashion 2019

      -  orange clothes
Whatever the reasons for the orange color of the winter season, it is certain that this color is undoubtedly attractive, and that the woman you choose to wear is bold,

The best fashion 2019

 If you do not have a pair of orange pants or blouses, you should rethink this because light orange is one of the highlights of this year's 2019 fashion collections and will be a special color for the season.

-yellow clothes
Light yellow there is a degree of expressive and clear yellow is not pale yellow or canary but ... yellow! This genre is used by designers in the fashion colors of winter 2019 and for lovers of light colors in particular, the views of this color will be wonderful.
The best fashion 2019

    - green clothes
This color is elegant and attractive. Wearing this color gives you an impression of elegance and attractiveness is one of the colors of this winter 2019.

The best fashion 2019

How to format clothing colors for perfect look?
This is one of the things that many of us do not like. This is due to the purchase of ready-made clothes, which are often one piece and are coordinated with jeans or skirts. But for an ideal look, you have to learn the basics of color coordination together. In the beginning, you should know that the colors coordinate together depends on many things, the most important of which are the type of cloth. There are fabrics from the beginning that are not suitable for each other such as the coordination of light summer materials such as the summer cardigans with a piece of marigold, as well as the coordinated colors of each other such as brown or black .
One of the most common mistakes made by many is not to set specific colors for day and night views, which you should avoid. The light colors of the morning and bright colors such as red for night views.
Format clothing with colors:
Although you can wear more than one color in one look as long as you can coordinate well, it is best to coordinate two or three colors at the most so as not to spoil the view.
One of the most common mistakes made by many is not to set specific colors for day and night views, which you should avoid. The light colors of the morning and bright colors such as red for night views.
Winter clothes are the most common girls in the confusion of how to coordinate them together. Winter is famous for wearing many pieces, and it is difficult to coordinate the sarcophagus with clothing, so it is possible to draw some ideas from the coordination of winter clothes with sarcophagi.
Matching the colors of the clothes to the veils you should be aware of the color of your skin, especially if you are veiled, you should coordinate your clothes and your skin with your skin color.
Dark skinned people can choose light colors or mix light colors with dark colors, but please stay away from the dark colors in the pose so that the colors are lighter.
The color scheme is preferred to be one of the colors you want but you can definitely choose a color that matches other colors of the color gamut.
You can also customize them in a variety of ways, not just a few colors and not just white or black, but always choose a different color in your shoes and it will certainly be a color that matches the rest of your clothes.
Bags are the most important things to be careful when choosing them. The bag should not be of the same color as the main piece, but it should be a color that is consistent with your clothes in general.

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