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How to wear a long men's t-shirt?

How to wear a long men's t-shirt?

How to wear a long men's t-shirt?

Wearing good clothes can give a man an attractive look that encourages any entrepreneur to hire him and makes all women want to marry him.
This is why you should always look after your appearance and make that appearance the first impression of others because it lasts a lot.
In a few steps, you can choose every day clothes from your wardrobe, clothing that gives you a nice look, and the most important of these clothes are long t-shirts.
How to wear a long men's t-shirt?
Ways to choose a long t-shirt for men:

v      1) Choose a long t-shirt for men, but in the right size for your size, be careful not to be too wide or too narrow, both of which negatively affect your attractiveness.

v      2) Wear long shirts for men that fit your circumstance, work clothes for work, home clothes for home, and so on. The formal occasions suits, neckties and formal shoes. Be sure to choose clothes in consistent colors, and regular occasions are suitable for all long T-shirts, with any type of pants, but it is important that the colors are quiet and attractive.

v      3) If you are going to a business dinner, or to a signing meeting, wear formal, dark-colored formal attire, but if you are going to interview a job, it is best to avoid the jeans and long t-shirt.

v      4) Good clothes help you get a nice and beautiful look. The long white shirt with jeans is the most attractive style. Make sure to get out of your house in all your style, you do not know who will come across you. If you want to wear a hat, be sure to wear old models, because they add you some sort of distinction, you should choose the type with flat edges, and make sure that the hat is suitable for your clothes. , And the prevailing weather as well.

v       5) Choose a stylish watch, as it will increase the beauty and elegance of your look. The folds of the shirt are two or three folds. This shape gives you an elegant and attractive look. Choose shoes suitable for your clothes and nature. It is best for you to choose brown or black shoes, and avoid shoes that are like women's shoes. Your choice of hairstyle is appropriate for your hair, increasing your appeal.

v      6) Choose the shoes that suit your long t-shirt and your nature: choose brown or black shoes and avoid shoes that look like women's shoes.

v      7) No wear narrow jeans and narrow long t-shirt this type of is suitable for women only. It’s necessary to choose clothes that are comfortable for you, and suitable for your surroundings. If your clothes are uncomfortable, they will cause you anxiety, and this concern will appear on your face in front of others clearly.

v      8)  It is best to buy long shirts made of cotton in the winter, because they are warm. Be careful when buying shirts to be the beginning of the sleeve at the end of the shoulder, when you buy the pants should reach the length of the shoe.

How to choose the right color for long men's t-shirts?

The best colors for long men's t-shirts:

You must have a number of long shirts with basic colors like black, white, gray, cyan and blue.
The white color completes all skin colors, the classic white color should be part of your wardrobe. Do not forget to wash the white clothes together and not to mix them with other colors.
The black color is also an excellent choice for your outfit. However, the color may fade quickly and become severe when worn during the day.
Celestial color, celestial color may be another option and a better alternative to black especially during the day, especially in combination with jeans
Gray is a combination of different colors that enhance the shape of the body, but watch for signs of sweating that you can easily see on dark colored clothing.
You can try different colors, such as green, red and purple, but make sure the color of the long shirt matches the color of your skin to create a proper silhouette.

Simple Tips for choosing a long T-Shirt for Men’s:
Collar t-shirt:
The first standard to consider when choosing a t-shirt that suits you is the collar of the shirt. The rule is that a t-shirt with a classic collar is the most appropriate.
This type surpasses a T-shirt with a V-shaped collar or the other with a wide striped shirt collar that accentuates the upper chest.
Long t-shirt colors:
Color is above all a matter of taste and is not subject to rules, especially when choosing a long t-shirt, because it is in the field of casual clothing. The most suitable color for a long shirt is the one that suits you best, in addition to its compatibility with as many clothes as possible.
These certain colors are the most common for men's:
The white color fits most men, regardless of the color of their skin, because it is compatible with almost any other color.
The gray is also suitable for most men and is compatible with most colors, but it is not suitable for the person, who sweats a lot, because it clearly indicates points of perspiration, be careful.
 Navy blue is the most important element in men's clothing and the color that most of them like. And it adds calm.
The black color can also be suitable for all men. It's definitely worth the experience, but you should be wary of this in the summer, when exposed to the sun, as it absorbs heat.
The other colors are then tested and replaced, but you should know that bright yellow and purple do not prefer to be the basic colors of your wardrobe.
Canvas for long t-shirt:
The quality of the t-shirt is the most important standard when buying, and the raw materials are the basis of the clothing.

Cotton blended with fully industrial fabrics is suitable for absorbing moisture. It is therefore suitable for sportswear. However, pure cotton looks better and allows you to feel better in all other activities.


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