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Why we love Reebok Classic – Timeless shoe that will always spark

Why we love Reebok Classic – Timeless shoe that will always spark

Why we love Reebok Classic – Timeless shoe that will always spark
Who doesn’t love sneakers, countless brands and various designs that they became more than sport wear but a lifestyle ! From Adidas to Nike to The classic Reebok.
For more than 30 years Reebok hasn’t only been an innovative brand, but one with great messages as well.
For both men and women, Reebok classic proved to be iconic ! After launching  the first running shoes, Reebok gained great popularity as their design were chic, casual and stylishly fashionable . They became more of casual street wear that could be worn anytime !
Reebok classic evolved from different designs such as Classic leather, Freestyle and the workout and many more.  They all now under the Reebok classic umbrella.

Why we love Reebok Classic – Timeless shoe that will always spark

Who wears them ?

Men are obsessed with Reebok trainers ! We see celebrities as Kendrick Lamar wears them. In  2016 Reebok collaborated with Kendrick Lamar to launch The Kendrick Lamar x Reebok Classic which is for the whole family ! “How cool is that !” and their latest design Club C  aims to promote unity and justice .
Reebok always demonstrated their love to creativity and arts as we witnessed several collaborations between Reebok and rappers, from Jay-z , Rick Ross and one of the longest collaborations with the producer/ rapper swizz beatz releasing lately the DMX Series 2000 .
In 2017 we saw a turning point, as for years other sports brand were leading  the list , Gigi Hadid, the super model started wearing Reebok Classics , and still does including all the designs, and owns them in countless colors !
And just recently the one and only Cardi B joined the Reebok squad, presenting what Reebok does the best , being CLASSIC !
Cardi B was put into a challenge , of her knowledge of the 90’s , from fashion to slang -  the Bronx raised artist totally nailed it !

"We chose to work with Cardi because of her authenticity and unapologetic attitude. She’s not just a world-class entertainer, she’s a mother, a style icon, and above all, a fearless individual who’s followed her own path," a brand representative explains. "Reebok is all about celebrating nonconformity and Cardi is our ideal collaborator."
Cardi B wasn’t the first one to join THE REEBOK CLASSIC SQUAD last year, but Future, Gal Gadot and Ariana Grande did as well.


It’s not just a shoe!

Speaking of Nostalgia associated with Reebok Classic . Reebok love for creativity and art went as far as releasing a promo film “Rigout” a film that is “ A celebration of creative youth” which is something we truly love !

How to style them trainers  ?

Who’s better than Kendrick Lamar to show us how to style Reebok classic for men !

Why we love Reebok Classic – Timeless shoe that will always spark

sidewalkhustle 1
Gigi Hadid rocking them in every outfit possible, after getting her first one, Gigi became a loyal family member that just can’t get enough!

Why do you need to get THE REEBOK CLASSIC :

Here are 8 reasons will make you not only admire these iconic shoes but actually go buy them
1 -     FRESH SHOE and fits perfectly for the summer

2 -     You get simplicity with the minimal look but also chic because of the nice intricate details of this shoe.

3 -     They’re super comfy as the inside of the shoe is well padded. Reviewers say wearing them is like you’re not wearing anything.

4 -     Considering style and performance , Reebok classic are quite cheap !

5 -     And they literally easy to get , either online .. or you can just get them from any store .

6 -     You’re getting a Reebok classic online ? Then don’t worry , They fit true to size! Although it’s better to try them first .. you need to see how they look right ? you’ll love them anyway .

7 -     The countless color variations ! If you love matching, then this is the one to get.

8 -     They fit with literally everything !


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