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Wolf tee shirt drawing and Shop Wolf tee Shirts online

Wolf tee shirt drawing and Shop Wolf tee Shirts online

Wolf tee shirt is the clothing of the cloth for the upper part of the human body. Women wore it and men wore it, but at first the shirts were worn exclusively for men.
What distinguishes the wolf tee shirts from other shirts is its attractive graphics and the material made of it is cotton.
Wolf tee shirt parts:
Shoulders and hands
Shirts contain:
Without covering the shoulders or hands which is called the upper tube.
Tape on the shoulders is called spaghetti straps.
Sleeveless shoulders cover.
Short sleeves.
Sleeves of length equal to three quarters of the hand.
Long-sleeved shirts are as follows:

No buttons.
With individual or binary buttons.
Buttons openings.
The bottom of the shirt
Attachment to the waist.
Covers the legs.
Covers the whole body up to the bottom.
Body of the Shirt
Vertical aperture at the front of the top down with buttons or zipper.
Vertical slot at the bottom of the top down with buttons or zipper.
Side opening either on the right or on the left.
No top slot.
Top slot with buttons or zipper.
The neck
Polo neck.
Figure 7 is in Arabic and without collar.
Long neck.
Open neck.
With a suit as follows:
Extended collar: Designed between two elongated points to accommodate the knot of the necktie. Frequently used by businessmen.
Fitness: Fitness with two small tabs.
Collar: Suitable for tie-shaped bow. They are often worn on official occasions.
Straight collar: a type of extended collar and fit for the quality of the following neckties: four in the hand, Pratt, half extended.
Tied collar.
Fitness with Down Buttons. Most suitable for necktie.
Without collar.
WOLVES AND WOMAN is one of the best wolf tee shirts, because it has a distinctive logo for the wolf with the warrior, which symbolizes strength and courage.
To buy a shirt online from here (wolf tee shirt):

The WOLVES AND WOMAN shirt is available in many sizes and colors.
Product Details:
Cut: Slightly curved
Sleeve type: Short sleeves
Collar type: Round neck
Quality fabric: 150g / m² - 4,5oz / yd²
Material: 100% cotton
Appropriate clothing according to the woman's body shape:
The selection of clothing is easier when the girl knows what suits her body shape, and the shapes of objects for women are classified into several forms, each of which suits him specific clothes:
The shape of the apple The woman who has a round shape of her body has a lot of fat around her waist, so she has to focus on reducing attention to the waist and highlighting other parts of her body to look more consistent, such as: clothes that focus on the upper body and wear shirts or dresses It has a V-shaped collar to give you an impression of the length of the top, and the jackets are also a good choice for the shape of the apple, and it is OK to wear a corset to the waist to show the body in a beautiful way.
The fat is concentrated in a woman who has a conical body in the upper part of the body, legs and hips are smaller, she has wide shoulders, and she must possess this shape of objects by seeking to show her body in a fluid way. To do this, Simple and unobtrusive designs for the upper body area, as well as focusing on accentuating thigh and hip area by wearing trousers, skirts with pleats and large pockets, and wearing well-fitting shoes will be a good thing.
One form of women's bodies is pear. The fat is concentrated in the thighs, legs and hips. The upper half of the body is thin, and the person with the pear body must wear a balance between the lower and upper halves of the body. Wear clothes that make others turn to the upper body, such as bright colors, and one of their best choices is to wear jeans for the balance of the body, and it is OK to do exercise to make the body more consistent.

The WOLF OF ODIN shirt is available in blue and black, plus several sizes.
Product Details:
Cup: Classic
Sleeve type: Short sleeves
Collar type: Round neck
Quality fabric: 150g / m² - 4,5oz / yd²
Material: 100% cotton
To buy a shirt online from here (wolf tee shirt):

Shirt I keep it all inside is a short sleeve shirt for men, worn in the summer, and is characterized by this shirt several characteristics are:
Cup: Classic
Sleeve type: Short sleeves
Collar type: Round neck
Quality fabric: 150g / m² - 4,5oz / yd²
Material: 100% cotton
To buy a shirt online from here (wolf tee shirt):

Why a wolf shirt is made of cotton the best?
Cotton: It is one of the most soft and nice fabrics on the skin of the body and the advantage of cotton are also adapted with all the seasons are suitable for any weather. In the summer, cotton has a high efficiency in absorbing sweat and keeping the body cool. In the winter, cotton gives a feeling of warmth.
How do I choose the right wolf tee shirts?
Choose the right colors for the skin:
The skin is warm in color.
People who have a warm complexion should choose warm wolf shirts such as red, orange, gold, yellow, purple, olive, and the color of orchid flowers, and can also wear neutral colors such as gray, brown, beige, , Such as: ice blue, or sapphire; because these colors make the skin lean to gray.
Cold skin:
People with cold skin should wear colors inspired by the spectrum, from the deep sea and ocean, and from the winter. Bright colors, such as emeralds, pinks and purples, will look great on the skin's owners, , Some colors should be avoided, such as: orange, red, yellow.
Neutral color skin:
The neutral skin can wear all the colors, but it is best to wear the cool colors and avoid the bright colors. They can wear cool green, pink or blue, and its okay to wear white, black, and gray. On the owners of these skin, and they avoid wearing blue and electric color is very bright color.

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