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Leadership..... Make you a great man

Leadership..... Make you a great man

Defining leadership is not only an individual ability of a person but a curriculum and school for teaching management culture. And the leader moves his success towards success and may be a source of frustration and poisoned culture.
 What is leadership ?          
Leadership is the ability of a person to organize and lead a group of people, his ability to form a vision and share it, and the knowledge to achieve this vision on the ground.

Also, the leading person is the person who is able to make a sound decision from existing alternatives and the ability to formulate goals and follow individuals and provide needs to achieve these goals.
Attributes of a successful leader:

 the best attributes of a successful leader are:
•   Hope: It transmits vital energy and uses it as fuel for power during difficult times.
•   Clemency and indulgence: cruelty to oneself and others is not good in many cases, so the soul and the team must be

given a respite to raise morale.
•   Confidence: To be able to be proud and
Good morals, credibility and respect for privacy, and because trust provides the best outcome, it is the primary driver for building a high-performance team.
•   Readiness and preparedness: the leader must do the same that says "Expect the best and prepare for the worst."
•   Balance: punctuality in order and routine to reduce stress and prioritize.
Patience, a thoughtful mind, not being alone in making decisions and solutions, communication and positivity are also

characteristic of a good leader.
How do I say l have a leadership skills ?
Here are few of leadership synonyms you may need to know :
You can see I have integrity , decisiveness , ability to teach and mentor , administration , authority , control , direction , influence , initiative , power and management .

Leadership quotes :
1.  If your actions inspire others to dream more , learn more , do more and become more , you are a leader .
2.  Don't find the fault , find the remedy.
3.  A leader is the one who knows the way , goes to the way and show the way .
4.  You must be the change you wish to see in the world.
5.  Everybody is a genius in need .
6.  The essence of great leadership is influence not authority .
7.  Great leader don't tell you what to do , he show you how to do .

The importance of leadership: 

Leadership has great importance, including:
•   A link between the president and the subordinate, between employees and
between the organization's plans and future visions.
•   Uniting the efforts of workers towards achieving goals and motivating them to work through rewards.
•   Guiding employees to an appropriate way to implement goals.
•   Raise the morale of employees and urge them to cooperate to achieve distinctive performance.
•   Control work problems and draw up plans to solve them. Individual development, training and care.

•   The ability to develop the individual and increase human and practical skills.

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