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The importance of time management to change your life

The importance of time management to change your life

Time is the only thing that all human beings possess to the same extent without any increase or decrease for any person.
 The importance of time in Islam: It has great importance and great status, for
God has sworn in the Holy Quran in parts of time; At night, day, dawn and
   We will talk about how time determining roles and success, and how we can balance between goals and duties.
We will also discuss the difficulties of time management and the skills that must be acquired to properly overcome these
 difficulties,And about the tools to be used.
Time management:
 Understanding of the individual and his understanding of how to invest time and use it to achieve the largest number of goals in life and reduce the time lost in what is not beneficial.
The use of time is the first step and the key to  great success.
 Time management tips and skills:
· Develop a "daily plan"which gives an extra boosts of motivation and
help to establish a vision of what will be your day.
· Get rid of unnecessary small tasks, divide the tasks you want to accomplish during your day and arrange them in order of priority.
· Set a sufficient time limit for tasks, and work to reward yourself.
· Believes become realities:
What are your believes about your self?
Whatever you believe if you think of your self as an excellent time manager you will do things consistent with that believes.
· Make decisions: fortunately it's not difficult to develop your personal productivity , just use the4 Ds: desire,decisiveness,determination and discipline.
· Program your mind:once you have made decision you have to practice your personal programming techniques.
· Time management techniques:
· Change your inner dialogue, repeat to your self "am well organized and highly productive.
· Visualize your self as you want to be, see your self as organized,efficient and in control of every thing.
· Act"as if" : if you are an excellent time manager how would you behave.
· Think before acting.
· Make written plans.

Postponement and not resisting change cause time management failure.

names of Some time management tools :                      
  Scoro, asana, trello, proofhub, clarizen, toggl,replican and timecamp, These tools combines time tracking with project management and and CRM , easy to use , collaborate on any project , help to get acomprehensive overview of time spent at work.
· Time management has grown into an empire of applications, software and hardware to make sure every minute is productive.
Best 5 time management apps
Evernote: for store and make easy accessible via search.
Grammarly: pointing out everything from misused to overused ,it correct your words to focuse on work.
Rescuetime: helps to find ahealthy balance of productivity and relaxation.
Wunderlist: get quick capture of your best ideas come to you anywhere.
Poket: keeps the momentum going by book marking for later.
· Some of positive time quotes:
1.   use your time wisely.
2.   Time = life,think about your vision and mission.

3.   The key is not spending time, but investing it.

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