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The charming 1960's fashion and 1970's fashion

The charming 1960's fashion and 1970's fashion

 Sixties Fashion

 1960 fashions

   And how was the fashion of the sixties ?!

· 1960's fashion was characterized by : elegance, luxury, and quality - silk jumps and distinctive designs of striped trims and velvet hats, gave a feeling of smoothness andThe femininity of women of that era.
· Women were also distinguished by their slim waist, slender legs, and accurate foot measurements, and these features appeared in fashion designs.
· Striped trousers, long summer coats with bright colors and feathered hats, which grabbed the attention and hearts of men of the sixties.
· As for public and private occasions, they are not without satin gloves. 
·  As for girls who have not distinguished the slim figure, they have short dresses with a wide waist.
· Winter had a share of luxury with woolen and velvet materials on the throne of elegance, and the winter jacket decorated with fur and high-heeled shoes with fur as well.

Who was the fashion in 1970 ?!
· 70s fashions were about individuality .
· 1970 fashion's  birthed an eclectic mix of style .
· Skirts got shorter , boots got taller , and a range of style icons .
· There was tight on top and loose on bottom .
· Also there was found in 1970 sweaters , T-shirts , jeans and sneakers .
· significant shortage of materials and fashions like : vinyl and nylon .
· Bright colors and unorthodox styles make
1970 fashion's acceptable and comfortable.

The most important details of the 1970s fashions :

· The pants are widelegged. Pants and pockets were distinguished by the
high waist. Pocket and long maxi pants reach the floor with wide legs.  White simple blouses. Hip-hop style and  The dress is midi and maxi   
   Fashion Nova Men :
Fashion Nova is an American based fast fashion retail company , that offered men the same variety and  affordable opinion

that has been sponsored by many celebrities and influencers .
It uses Instagram to gain earned media for its clothing by intersecting with users and for publicity by mixing divers models, celebrities and regular customers.

· The founder was Richard Saghian and headquarters is los-angelos in 2006 California U.S.A , has 5 locations .
· The company went live with its ecommerce website in 2013 .
· In 2018 the company expanded to menswear with the release of their fashion nova men's line . It release its line with rapper Cardi B , the store has a seasonal Halloween costume line.

· Unfortunately it doesn't provide sufficient information .

 Frugal men fashions :

Surly men are need to dressed better but now these days dressing is more difficult because of the price , so

 can mens get dressed with a cheap price ?!

Amazon : the best way for frugal men fashion for the online shopping experience .
uniqlo : no budget style would be complete without uniqlo the Japanese based retailer .
Target : has been a one-stop shop for men looking .

Gap : it maintains its consistently broad by appeal to costumers by offering a reasonable price .

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