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Best at home teeth whitening methods

Many people suffer from yellowing of the teeth at different stages of life, and this yellowing causes some embarrassment and lack of self-confidence and escaping from direct conversations, but it gives the unpopular shape to the mouth, because the beauty of the teeth and their whites have become one of the constituents of beauty that increase the beauty of the smile, and it has become a lot People go to whitening in private cosmetic clinics to get a gentle smile. In this article, a group of the most famous and best at home teeth whitening methods, through the next few lines, but we will first list some information about the best teeth whitening toothpaste as following:
Best teeth whitening toothpaste
It is the one that contains fluoride to protect the age of the year and is rich in calcium and has substances that help remove the yellowing of the teeth, which, over time, results from caffeine, smoking and so on.
· Use sodium bicarbonate on the teeth with a little bit of lemon juice to form a toothpaste, and the teeth are cleaned twice daily, and after the first use you will notice the difference and with repetition you will get satisfactory results.
· Rub teeth with lemon peels three times a day, after using the brush and paste with the usual daily cleaning.
·  Prepare a mixture of vinegar and coarse salt, and brush the teeth with a cotton swab or brush, taking care to swallow the mixture, because it contains strong substances that harm the stomach.
· Rub the strawberry teeth, or eat them as fresh grains or natural juice.
·  Use banana peels to clean and rub them frequently, and you will get a satisfying result after several days of use.
· The use of olive oil is one of the active substances that work to purify and whiten the teeth and cleanse the gums well, and it is used by rubbing the teeth with a piece of cotton moistened with oil on a daily basis several times during the day.
· Use a piece of natural charcoal to rub the teeth two to three times daily, taking care not to swallow any of it during use.
·  Using Miswak is a healthy matter that is preferred to be followed on a daily basis to protect the tooth from tooth decay and the growth of bacteria that affect the teeth whiteness and cause the erosion of the outer layer of the teeth.
·  Use the toothpaste that suits you, and which has the power to whiten teeth.

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