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    Fashion World:   
  You may find many articles and
discussions about clothes if an important person's clothes are on an occasion; Or renewable fashion shows, then ask yourself what is this ?!
It's fashion, dear ... fashion takes a lot of space in the minds of people, especially celebrities, as it shows the personality of the person who wears it.
There is an interest in clothing, such as art and creative works.
The history of fashion through the ages and who is the first fashion designer in thworld since the beginning of the fashion world:

The world's first fashion designer was
Charles Verdink Worth. His designs were not limited to sewing dresses, but he was responsible for designing clothes and creating unidentified tailors throughout the ages.
 His success was so great that he knew what his customers wear .
Then began the process of employing artists in fashion houses to draw or color the designs of ready-made clothes.
•       The first painters in the fashion world:
"Airby Ball, George Labbab, Erté and

George Barber.

•       In the early twenties virtually all fashion trends arose in Paris and to a lesser extent in London. The liberals were sent from fashion magazines to Paris Fashion
Week, just as buyers send to exhibitions to buy clothes, but some of them imitated it and stole the details publicly.
•       And at the beginning of the twentieth century, clothing design magazines included images, which made them more influential at that time in the future.
•       Magazines were very popular around the world and influenced public taste.
Twenties fashions are glitz and glamour , there were short skirts and simple shapes for 

Women and casual suits for men . Many styles looked to women wears for inspiration.

•       How was the fashion of mens at 1920 ?!

•       Fashions in 1920 was all about the whole look and there were trends in how the body its self was fashioned .
•       Mens adopted self collars and one or two button suit jakets.
•       The most significant development occurred in 2 unique kinds of trousers: the Oxford bags and the plusfours .
•       And to complete their looks they generally wore their hair short and covered with a hat , depending on the season.

•       So men moved away from uncomfortable lace_up boots to lower cut.

Where and when Fashion show mall opened ?!

•       Fashion show mall opened on February 14 , 1981 anchored by Bullocks , Gold waters and Saks fifth avenue .
•       The total retial floor area = 1,878,186sq ft.
•       In November 2002west portion was opened.
•       In October 2003 east wing and outdoor plaza are opened.
•       On September 9,2006 may department stores . It was shutted in 2008 until 2013.

•       On March 8,2012 Topshop " a British retailer" opened and closed in 2019 .

What are the greatest mall of las Vegas?!

Location : las Vegas , nevada , United
 Total retail floor area : = 1,200,000sq ft.
        Number of floors : 3
       Parking : 2,000

Fashion have irreversible effect on society and culture .

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