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Skin whitening

Skin whitening    

Best dark skin lightening creams :
1.     Olay Natural white cream
This cream contains many natural substances that moisturize and nourish the skin,  also full vitamin B group in addition to vitamin E,   helps in removing stains from the face.
Using it continuously protects you from the sun's rays and saves you from The effects of the sun and opens the complexion at the level of two degrees.
 Suitable for normal and dry skin, and it is available as a day type and has a price of about 64 Saudi riyals, and a night type with

a price of 74 Saudi riyals. But one of the disadvantages of this type is that it is not suitable for those with oily skin.

2.     Loreal Paris Pearl Perfect Cream

There are two types, daytime and night, and the package price is about 48 Saudi riyals.
But it is not preferable to use this cream for a month only after consulting the attending physician and referring to it .
3.     Pond's White Beau Cream
 Suitable for normal, oily and mixed skin.

         Skin whitening soaps
Vaadi herbals sandalwood oil bar soap:
Lighten face soap, one of the amazing properties of this soap is that it's suitable for all skin types , oily , dry , normal , and mixed .
The most important components of this type of whitening soap for the skin are:

(sandalwood, bamboo, and saffron), and this combination of natural ingredients makes this soap the favorite to get rid of impurities and pigmentation marks, as it helps in calming irritated skin and reduces the appearance of pimples and pimples in them.

In view of these properties, this soap is a perfect whitening soap for many people, and it is one of their favorite varieties and you are free to try it.

pure Glutathione Whitening Bleaching
Soap - Natural Skin Lightening
If you are looking for a distinctive type of skin-lightening soap that you cannot do skin-lightening without, this soap is your gift, as this soap consists of many materials that have proven amazing effectiveness on the skin and face.
This soap contains important vitamins that we mention: (Vitamin C, Vitamin B3, glycerin, glutathione, coconut oil, kernel oil, radish oil, and rice milk). Given these natural active

ingredients, you can expect the best results that you dream of getting from using the
soap, taking into account the regularity in its use.

Shouvy kojic acid and glutathione whitening bleaching soap :

It's soap to whiten and lighten skin and has great skin care properties .
Also this soap has the ability to penetrate the layer of the skin .

So what we means by skin whitening ?

 Skin lightening, or skin whitening aims to lighten the dark areas of the skin or make the skin color generally lighter and usually this is

done to treat the effects of the sun or the effects of acne or melasma .

Skin lightening methods:
•       Skin lightening cream from the pharmacy .

•       Laser treatment .

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