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Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening             

Our smile needs to be maintained to look its best and brightest.
Dentists perform in office whitening treatment in a matter of minutes cost much.
Fortunately there are numbers of effective lower cost options .
 Best teeth whitening kits to try at home...
•      The teeth alignment specialist offer
Teeth whitening essential at wallet , friendly price , this start kit includes six months worth of peroxide pens and an LED light .

•      Glo Brilliant teeth whitening device , a hydrogen peroxide kit , it's not just approved by dentists but also invented by one .
•      Oil pulling , the method of swishing coconut oil around your mouth to reduce surface stains on teeth .is favorite for clean beauty lovers .
Types of teeth whitening, according to the location of the stain:
1.    External whitening: due to the resulting external pigmentation, the environment is affected, such as smoking, drinking coffee and tea.

2.    Internal whitening: due to a change in the structure of the dental tissues, for example changing the color of the teeth after treating the nerve.
Types of teeth whitening, according to the method used:
In a dental clinic, which is a professional, distinctive, but expensive method under the supervision of a doctor and using a gel containing oxidizing materials, which is either a chemical or optical process.
The most important type of energy used is halogen and is the most used.

 At home:  by using whitening toothpastes, tapes, bleaching lotions, strings, bleach gel, or whitening gel in light-activated molds.
Home whitening and professional whitening can be combined with bleaching at home under the supervision of a specialist doctor by means of customized molds and designed by the doctor for their patients that are worn for a specific period of time and work to reduce tooth sensitivity.
With the availability of bleaching
products, the scores for efficacy vary, and may appear significantly and may never appear.

Teeth whitening risks:

Mild gingivitis, receding gums, tooth sensitivity, tooth enamel damage and rough surface teeth.
Allergy to peroxide.
Sensitive teeth.
Sensitive gums.
Teeth eat due to acids.
During pregnancy and lactation.
Age less than sixteen years.
 If the root of the tooth is visible.
 Defects in the formation of the enamel layer.

Untreated gum problems. Dental fillings.
What is the best types of teeth whitening?
Home whitening.
And it depends on a substance with a low concentration of professional whitening including thin strips known as whitening strips applied once or twice to the teeth per day from 50-60 minutes It leads to fast and good results within seven days. Whitening molds:
There are ready-to-buy molds and custom-sized dental molds .
What is snow teeth whitening ?

It's teeth whitening kit that targets the sorts of stains , it used for 9-30 minutes a day .
And it's absolutely safe , any one over the age of 9 can use it .

Can yellow teeth become white ?

It depends on the way you chose for whitening your teeth .

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